A Typical Session

 – Healing treatments can either be received in person or at a distance –

In-Person Sessions

In-person sessions are held at clinics in either London or Devon (UK).  All treatments are performed fully clothed and usually involve gentle touch at various parts of the body such as the head, shoulders or feet.


Distance Sessions

Distance sessions are usually held online (over Zoom, FaceTime, Skype or Whatsapp) or over the phone, and can be received from the comfort of your own home.  Having a live connection allows us to communicate in real-time as the session unfolds.

For those that prefer to do so, I also hold distance sessions with out any verbal contact during the session at all.  This option is usually preferred by people who like to meditate undisturbed during sessions, or by those that would like treatments for their children or family and friends and prefer the anonymity of the process.


Initial Consultation

At the beginning of the session there is an initial consultation. This time is used primarily to help identify what you would like to receive from the session and to answer any questions you may have.  Generally speaking, people often come to healing as they are looking for support in resolving a particular pattern or issue that they have identified in their life.  This can be physical, emotional, mental or energetic in nature.  We would use the time at the beginning of the session here to explore this together, and to come to a co-created intention to clarify the focus of the healing.


Working with your energy system

When this preliminary conversational stage feels complete, we then start to work more energetically.  This stage begins with me gently connecting to your energy system, inviting it to relax and come into balance.  With an open heart, an active energetic engagement and a soft psychic awareness, I then begin to tune in to your body and energy system more deeply.  As I do this I get a deeper sense of what areas we need to focus on to fulfil our intention for the healing.

From a place of deep stillness and silence, I then invite specific healing energies to come through and flow into your system.  These energies stream in and begin to work wherever they are needed, helping to resolve the identified issues and imbalances within.  As the healing unfolds I continue to draw on a variety of healing energies and energetic tools, responding to the needs of the session as they arise. Throughout the session I maintain a deep level of energetic engagement with your system. This enables the healing energy to be channled more deeply into your system, as it creates a stronger energetic ‘bridge’ for the healing energy to more easily and fully flow through.  Simply put, this helps to facilitate a deeper and more powerful healing.  

In addition to an energetic conncetion, I also maintain a constant psychic connection with your system.  Throughout the session I am actively tuning in at all times, looking at where the energy is going, what its doing and what its working on.  As I do this, it is normal for me to:

• See various kinds of energetic blockages, what they relate to, how they are impacting energy flow and how they can be addressed

• Recognise the areas of the system that feel depleted or are otherwise in need of extra attention and support

• Sense where emotional issues and negative belief patterns are held in the body, how they are held and how they can be released

• See into present life, past life and ancestral memories, and discern how these may be contributing to any current issues you are experiencing

During the session I will share with you anything that I perceive to be relevant and important to the healing.  And you are, of course, welcome to ask me about anything that you would like to know more about at any stage.

In addition to the energetic healing tools of VortexHealing or Reiki, I also sometimes incorporate psycho-energetic methodologies into the way I work if they feel that they could be useful and appropriate.  This can includes techniques such as inner journeying, self-parenting, inner child work, facilitated intention alignment and so on.  The synergy of these different approaches with channeled energetic healing support can be very profound.


Empowering you to be able to track your own energy and process

Throughout the session I can, if desired, help to guide your awareness into what the healing energy is working with in each moment.  This can help give you a more powerful and direct experience of the energetic, emotional and mental levels of a particular pattern or blockage in your system, and thereby help you to more readily meet, transform and heal it.  Learning to ‘track’ energy in this way, and noticing how the underlying patterning for a particular issue is held in the energy system leads to a more empowering experience as it connects you more fully to your inner process, both in the session and out in the world.

Developing your awareness of parts of yourself like this helps you to more consciously notice them when they arise in the midst of you life.  In addition to the space created by the clearing work, having this deeper awareness makes it easier for you to not be pulled back into these old positions and patterns of reactivity and to reap the wisdom that they may have to offer.  This learning helps you to more effectively embody the transformational changes that occur in each session in your day-to-day life.  It then becomes easier to start living from these new places of freedom and spaciousness, and thereby open up your life to new and more fulfilling possibilities.


Concluding the treatment

At the end of the session, there is always some time to share anything that feels important for you, to ask any questions you may have, and for me to give you any feedback I feel would be helpful and relevant to you.  If desired, I can also offer a number of useful and simple exercises uniquely suited to the needs of your energy system that you can practice at home.

It’s important to note here, that the impact of the energetic movements created in the session may continue to be felt after the session itself.  This is because it usually takes some time for the body and energy system to fully ‘digest’ and integrate what has been worked on.  Depending on the fluidity and strength of one’s energy system this can take anywhere between a few hours to a few days.  This is a completely natural part of the process and can often bring to light new insights and realisations around what you have chosen to work on.


Common experiences 

After a healing, it is common for people to report:

• Feeling deeply relaxed

• Having more energy

• Receiving useful insights with regard to a personal issue

• Experiencing a greater sense of well-being and vitality

• Feeling a greater sense of personal empowerment

• Having greater clarity around an important life situation

• Noticing a increased sense of lightness and joy

What you may experience

People’s experiences of receiving this type of energetic healing work will always vary depending on their sensitivity to energy and their level of focus during the session.

Some will have a very clear sense of what the healing has worked on.  They will have found it easy to track the energy as it moves around and through their own system.  They will have felt old emotions rise to the surface and release.  They will have seen old memories and images arise in their consciousness.  They may have also sensed the quality of loving grace inherent within the energy itself.  Some will have seen colours and shapes, or have felt a variety of differing bodily sensations. Some will have dropped into an altered state or have felt like they had been in a state of deep spontaneous mediation for the entirety of the session.

There are of course many different ways a treatment can be experienced, and all these experiences tend to be felt with varying degrees of intensity.  The type of experience and the degree of intensity will vary from person to person, with some people having very alive and vibrant experiences and others seemingly feeling nothing at all. In my experience, most people will usually experience something somewhere between these two ends of the spectrum.  It is of course wonderful to have such experiences, fortunately however, the degree and depth of healing that is received is not dependant on how energetically or psychically aware someone is of the process – it remains the same in all cases.  The only difference being that the changes that are created from the healing are either less or more consciously recognised.

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