Adam Shanagher – Bio

Adam Shanagher BA (Hons First Class), Certs. Vortex Healing, M-Energy Healing, Reiki, Thai Massage, ITEC Dip. Holistic Massage 

Adam has worked with the body and the human energy system for over 15 years.  He has had extensive training across a wide range of modalities, including VortexHealing (Highest Level), M-Energy Healing, and Reiki, as well various schools of bodywork and other energy healing disciplines (over 4,000 teaching hours).  His one-to-one sessions blend these various approaches together to enable him to treat each person, and their presenting condition, in an individually tailored and holistic way. This approach, along with his natural and intuitive sense of what’s needed in each moment, allows for a deeper and more authentic transformation to naturally unfold within each session.

What Adam offers in this work is truly remarkable.  It is an invitation for us to transform both our inner emotional reality and our underlying energetic foundation so that we can step fully into our power, live our highest potential, and manifest the life we truly want.  Adam is deeply passionate about helping people to open, strengthen and revitalise their bodies and their energy systems in this way.  At the core of his approach is the understanding that helping to create a solid foundation of long-term health and well-being is one of the cornerstones of a happy and fulfilling life.

Treatments with Adam tend to be both relaxing and deeply transformative.   He is a natural healer, a gifted psychic, and his passion for what he does flows naturally into his practice.  What always strikes people when they first meet Adam is the feeling of an open, compassionate heart, resting naturally within the stillness of a clear and grounded presence.



A Wider Background…

From a very young age Adam remembers being passionately enthused about holistic approaches to health and well-being.  Initially, he found himself being absorbed in western nutritional perspectives on food and physical health.  Soon after he discovered Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as the ancient Indian holistic science of well-being known as Ayurveda.  The more he learnt about these different approaches, the more they began to inspire him and be incorporated into his life.  He started to understand that they were more than just useful bodies of information on how to eat sensibly and to nourish one’s being, but that they were also complete bodies of wisdom in themselves on how to live in harmony with life.  They were, for him, the beginning of a wider holistic approach to life and to healing.

As his journey with all of this unfolded, he started to get a deeper sense of the underlying energetic reality of life.  He began having spontaneous experiences of seeing energy and feeling the presence of other-worldly beings standing benevolently beside him.  He started to see how this energy could be channeled and used creatively for healing, and how these benevolent beings always wanted to help and could be called on at anytime.  Something in his heart knew that his life’s calling was to work more with this side of life.

As he continued walking this path, he was led to Reiki, and completed his first training in this healing art in 2005.  That same year he began exploring Insight Meditation and Yoga, and also became fully qualified in Thai Massage.  All this helped to further develop his understanding of the relationship between the physical and the energetic.  He recognised how important it was to include both of these aspects of life in any approach looking to facilitate true healing.  Soon after he became interested in the use of crystals, as well as the role that flower and other vibrational essences can play in the journey of inner transformation.  Around this time, he also started to work with various plant teachers, and through them received much deep healing, becoming more attuned to his own inner wisdom and guidance.  As his journey continued to unfold, life moved him to balance his studies.  He was able to follow his interest in ancient and earth-based perspectives on health and healing at Bristol University, graduating with a First in Anthropology.

It was around this time that he also became interested in the path of awakening – a way of living life that calls us to embody the love, truth and wisdom that sits at the core of our being.  As part of this he absorbed himself in the spiritual teachings of Ramana Maharshi, Eckhart Tolle, Gangaji and Adyashanti, as well as in the teachings of the renowned humanitarian Amma, or as she is otherwise known, the ‘Hugging Saint’.  These teachings continue to inspire both the way he lives and works.

He then completed two years of training at The School of Energy Healing, in which he was able to deepen his skills of both working with energy and with guiding people on their own journeys of personal transformation.  At the same time he also began studying VortexHealing® Energy Healing, and has to this day completed all the classes and advanced trainings within this system.  It was here, within these particular approaches to healing, that Adam found the depth of inner transformation that he was seeking.  His experience with these forms of channeled energy healing was, and is, that they are able to go deep enough to effect true and lasting emotional, psychological and mental transformation, and that they can do this with great speed and consistency.

As a result, these approaches to healing have become vibrant passions of his.  They have an alive and embodied presence in the day-to-day fabric of his life and form the core approach to all his work.  As his life moves on, he endeavours to continue growing, deepening and awakening, so he can bring these gifts ever more fully into the world.


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