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Clearing Houses and Other Important Spaces

In any space, the energetic imprints of the past events that have transpired there build up over time.  This can be in the space where we live, where we work or anywhere else we might find ourselves where has been regular human activity.  The often-times unconscious felt sense of this build-up contributes significantly to our experience of being in that space – whether we are aware of it or not.

Clearing these imprints can dramatically change the way we feel when we are in a given place, as it clears the background influence this leftover residue has on us.  Creating a clear and energetically open space in this way can help us feel more relaxed and at peace with ourselves, enabling us to live our lives with greater ease and freedom.

How spaces become imprinted and out of balance

Everything we do leaves an imprint in the space around us.  Over time, these spaces accumulate this ‘information’ and hold it like memory.  This memory can build up over days, weeks, months and years, and as it builds up it starts to significantly influence what a space feels like, how we respond to it and the degree to which we enjoy spending time there.

We can experience this phenomenon on a daily basis.  For example, when we walk into a room we may notice, perhaps subtly at first, what that room feels like, whether we feel comfortable or slightly ill at ease, or whether we feel like we can be expanded here or if we feel like something is causing us to become contracted.

We may notice this more in places where this build up of energy has become denser and more pronounced, as with buildings that have had regular sustained use such as long standing houses, old churches or castles.  This phenomenon is also easier to notice in places where there has recently been a strong outburst of energy, such as an intense argument.  Essentially speaking, this kind of imprinting occurs anywhere where humans have been living and spending time.

With the right tools, it is possible to completely clear these imprints and transform any leftover energetic residue.

Enhancing Spaces

As well as clearing spaces, this energetic work can also be used to enhance spaces (rooms, houses, halls etc.) through bringing in, and energetically anchoring, any particular worldly or divine-like quality into that space.  Enhancing spaces like this can be used to support the intended function of that space or room.  For example, an office can be infused with energies that help to support focus and concentration, or a bedroom with restfulness and relaxation, or a designated quiet room with a sense of deep meditative peace.

The process is very creative with any quality that one can imagine being possible (as long as it is appropriate for those that use the space).

Earthworks and Geo-Cleansing

In cases where the imprinting and energetic residue has become particularly dense, the local Earth energetics can also start to become negatively affected.  Fortunately, these deeper resultant imbalances can also be remedied.

This can include, among other things, repairing or energising earth ley-lines, clearing built up energy and imprints in the local area as well as in the earth itself, or simply harmonising the various earth energetics in a particular area – it all depends on what’s needed in each individual case.

How to book

Space clearing is regularly chosen by people who wish to spring clean their house after prolonged use, or those that have just moved into a new home.  We often also receive requests to clear and refresh shared work spaces, retreat venues and other such communal hubs.

Prices start at £50 for our most basic service, and go up from there depending on the size of the property and the degree of work requested.  Most of this work can be done effectively at a distance, with the exception of enhancing spaces. Due to the unique energetic of this process, this particular aspect can only be done in-person.  All national and international bookings that require this additional service are subject to an additional call-out charge.

For a quote, please contact us through the Contact Page and attach a photo of the property or area you’d like to have cleared.  This way we can get a sense of the degree of work that needs to be done.  If this is not possible a description detailing the approximate size of the property or area would be acceptable at this initial stage.

To book a House Clearing or to find out more, simply get in touch

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