Transformational Healing is an umbrella term for what is essentially a fluid synthesis of different approaches to health and healing.   It combines the best qualities of a range of different modalities so as to be able to offer treatments that are not only uniquely tailored to each individual, but that are also remarkably deep and transformational.  The main healing modalities that are utilised here are listed below so as to outline their individual flavours and potential applications.

VortexHealing® Energy Healing

VortexHealing® is a powerful, holistic system of energetic healing which works solely with divine light and consciousness.  It derives its name from a particular divine energy-vortex that is brought into manifestation in the heart and which becomes a vehicle for divine presence to manifest healing and transformation.  The deep connection to this divine presence is what makes VortexHealing so unique, for the practitioner can channel not just very powerful healing energies, but also the consciousness of the divine presence itself.  In addition, this divine presence ‘bridges’ both the Vortex Light and its own divine consciousness very deeply into whomever is being treated, and guides the healing there.  This enables VortexHealing to perform extraordinary healings on the physical and emotional level as well as to release the deepest karmic issues we hold as human beings.  They are transformed directly by divine consciousness, at all levels of our energy system & consciousness.  At the same time, we are dropped deeper into our alignment with the Divine and True Self.

– The Philosophy and Goal of VortexHealing –

The view of VortexHealing is that all of life is One (One Source, One Consciousness, One Divinity), expressing Itself as this amazing experience of creation.  But our basic experience of life is that of being separate from everything else, which creates all kinds of issues and false identities that, over time (and lives), imprint or condition every level of our human system, and generate suffering. This web of this conditioning is almost unimaginably deep, completely distorting our experience of being human.  It creates all kinds of emotional issues, mental attitudes, and blockages in our human energy system, which ultimately generates weakness and physical disease.  The intent of VortexHealing is to release this conditioning on every level it is found, returning the person to emotional balance and energetic strength, so that health prevails.

But the goal of VortexHealing is also much larger than this.  It is designed to create enough inner space from the webs of personal conditioning and enough self-awareness so that we can begin to awaken out of our conditioned web of reality to the freedom and Oneness that is our true nature.  Although the tools of VortexHealing are designed to generate physical and emotional health, on a deeper level they are designed to facilitate the deepest movement of healing that is possible, which is this kind of inner awakening to our true nature.

® “VortexHealing” is a registered service mark of Ric Weinman. All rights reserved. Used here with permission. For more information on VortexHealing visit


Reiki is a traditional form of hands on healing.  Adam’s training in Reiki has been with both the original Usui Lineage (tracing back to the founder of Reiki Dr. Mikao Usui) as well as with the Shambhala School of Reiki.  In its essence, Reiki is a form of universal life-force energy. Through channeling this energy it is possible to revitalise the energy system and bring both greater balance and harmony to the being as a whole.  When bridged into the system with enough depth Reiki can also facilitate the release of old traumas and conditioned patterning.  Clients often report that this energy feels like being bathed with warm and gently nourishing energy.  In essence, Reiki is a wonderful form of healing with many different applications.


M-Energy Healing®

M-Energy Healing® is a relatively new and powerfully transformative healing modality.  The beauty of it lies in the simplicity of how to work with and channel this energy.  M-Energy Healing® is suitable for anyone and everyone who is open to the unfolding process of clearing their emotional, physical or spiritual blocks.  This process can be challenging but also very liberating.


Psycho-Energetic Healing Techniques

Whenever it feels relevant and appropriate, various incorporate psycho-energetic methodologies are also sometimes incorporated into the deeper aspects of the work on offer here.  These include techniques such as inner journeying, self-parenting, inner child work, facilitated intention alignment and so on.  The synergy of these different approaches with channeled energetic healing support can often yield remarkable results.

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Disclaimer: VortexHealing ® is a complementary energetic healing tool. It is not a replacement for medical treatment.  Please consult your physician for medical issues in addition to any complementary healing you receive.

“VortexHealing®” is a registered service mark of R. Weinman VH Trust. Used here with permission. For more information on VortexHealing visit

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