- What our Clients Say
“I have experienced some deeply transformative healing with Adam. I felt held in a very safe healing space and really appreciated Adam’s ability to listen and interpret the situation to reveal hidden spaces, so the healing could go into a deeper level.  Adam has a great ability to work with various different healing energies and to know when and how to use them with delicacy and precision.  I am so grateful for his work and would highly recommend him”

P.L. Devon

“Adam is a very gifted healer. I love his very deep sessions. His work is very precise and I especially appreciate the quality of concentration, combined with intuition.  I feel always very energised after a session with him and aware that big changes in my system took place. His sessions have helped me to allow myself to be more here and to feel the joy in life.”

E.A. Germany

“Adam always takes me right into the depths of where I need to be whether it is healing an old wound or finally understanding an essential teaching.  I would recommend Adam’s work for anyone willing to explore….The rewards are a real blessing.”

S.T. Devon

“After the sessions, I felt a deep sense of peace within as well as feeling more solid and strong in myself.  I experienced a true sense of acknowledging what is going on for me and my life, and therefore could feel that everything was so simple and perfect as it was.  I was held and surrounded with love, and remember being gently ‘lifted’ from the table.  My heart felt so light and I was so relaxed. Adam is genuinely dedicated to his work, it is clear that he has a natural understanding of energy work, his passion and love shine through and I am very grateful to know him.”

N.G. France

“Adam is gentle and kind.  He has helped me with old patterns of thinking, which prevent me from fully being, and relaxing into life.  He’s a very skilled healer and understands what he is doing, so he can explain to you what happened and what he does in the sessions.  I never feel judged no matter what feelings come up in the session or what I tell him.  This is a breath of fresh air for me, as my old pattern is self-depreciation and not feeling safe in the world.  He encourages healthy eating, meditation and exercise, but is patient with your process of embracing this into your life.  He has a playful, fun quality, which I love and I feel he is helping me step by step to be kinder and more loving to myself in a way that nurtures the healing process.

I definitely recommend Adam to anyone who genuinely wants to make changes in their life.  He can’t do it for you, but he can clear blocks and negative energies and help you to be aware of what the ego does to cause the tension, and encourages you to rest in the love and peace that is always there.”

S.W. Totnes Devon UK

“I have been having on-going therapeutic treatments with Adam for several months and I thoroughly and unreservedly recommend his practice.  Adam is able to draw on a variety of disciplines and therapies to enrich his work and to further the quality of care that he delivers.  As a therapist myself of a variety of disciplines, I appreciate the depth of knowledge and skills that Adam uses in his sessions, enabling him to be flexible to the needs of his client as they change in the moment and using his toolkit of multiple skills to good effect.

My experience working with Adam has been of him having an overall plan for the direction of the session, but of smoothly changing it to meet my needs of the moment as and when required. I was initially recommended to see Adam because I was stuck, what I was manifesting was not connecting with my mindset – Adam was able to locate the source of the problem and deal with it in a profound way, to greatly benefit my overall well-being.  Adam works in a kind, compassionate and professional manner.”

Janet C. Devon UK

“I came into this life with a lot of karmic baggage. Adam has helped me clear huge amounts of ‘stuff’.  A year or so ago I’d feel anything from awful to ok. Now its anything from ok to wonderful! Transformational healing works and Adam is lovely!”

Gavin, Totnes Devon UK

“I’ve been seeing Adam lots over the last few months and find his energy healings very impressive.  In his sessions I often experience powerful energies surging within me, and old feelings and memories (sometimes forgotten) arising during, and after, the sessions. I feel noticeable shifts in my senses of wellbeing after treatments. I think his ability to channel VortexHealing, an unusual form of healing in it’s own right, and avataric energies, amazing. When I’ve asked Adam about various feelings of mine, he’s surprised me with his ability to swiftly tune in and give a run down of their origins.  If I ask, during any part of a healing, Adam can instantly give me a very precise explanation of exactly what he is doing to what part of my system.

The VortexHealing training includes an almost scientific understanding of the many energetic layers of our conditioning and consciousness, and energetic tools and divine connections needed to work with people’s deepest Karma.  Adam’s understanding and sensitivity, together with VortexHealing tools allow him to give excellent healings.”

N.R. Totnes Devon UK

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