The Benefits of Healing

Transformational Healing is the process of facilitating positive change in one’s life through clearing, strengthening and balancing one’s mind, body and energy system.  This is accomplished through working with the body’s energies in order to release energetic blockages, emotional conditioning and negative belief patterns at their root level. 

Receiving healing in this way can help you to return to a deeper state of well-being and empower you to create the positive changes we would like to see in your life. 

The benefits of this kind of healing work can be summed up in four main ways:

Strengthening the System – creating a clearer and more resilient foundation for our lives

One of the main benefits of this kind of healing work is that it can be restorative in nature.  It can help to rejuvenate and balance the system, and thereby bring us to a place of greater harmony and ease.  Through tonifying all aspects of the body’s energy system, including the chakras, energy pathways and energetic bodies, this work can help to address stress, fatigue or bodily tension.  It corrects these imbalances on the level of our energy system, helping you to experience a greater sense of well-being and vitality in your everyday life.

As our energetic blockages, balances and disharmonies are treated, we can begin to discover a deeper sense of health and well-being.  Having a clear, balanced and harmonious system is a very enjoyable experience and allows for a fuller embodiment of our potential.  It creates a more pleasant inner environment in which to live and be from.  This is similar to living in a well looked after and very comfortable house, or driving around in a nice car with a well tuned engine – things just run smoothly and our inner environment is a pleasure to be in.

In essence, when our internal energetics are clear, and in balance and in harmony with one another, our background state is naturally one of deep well-being.  Imagine how different your life could be if you had more energy and you felt more nourished… Imagine what it would be like to live your life from place of deeper balance and internal harmony… This work can help you to create these changes in your life.

Deepening our energetic capacity to process deep release work – helping us meet the challenges of life with greater ease

Having a system that is relatively clear, balanced and harmonised also helps to facilitate the deeper aspects of healing work.  With any deep clearing of our inner patterning our systems have some level of inner energetic processing to do in order to integrate the movement and the release created in the session.  With a system that is open and in good shape in this way, processing this kind of release is a relatively easy process. This is similar to having a healthy digestive system. If everything is in good shape, we hardly notice the process of digestion. But as those with digestive issues know, if things aren’t in good shape, the process has the potential to be a little bumpy. It’s the same with our energy systems.  If they are blocked or out of balance they can struggle with fully processing and integrating any kind of deep release.  Focusing on clearing, strengthening , balancing and harmonising the energy system, in addition to releasing the underlying pattering, helps to get our systems to a place where they can process this kind of work easily.  As we do this, this also has the added benefit of helping us process what we would be normally coming across in our everyday lives, as the internal mechanisms are the same in each case.

Transforming Deep Emotional and Psychological Patterns 

This kind of healing work has the power to:

•Release the charges of trauma and other emotional disturbances from your energy system

•Clear the underlying energetic patterning that supports, and holds, personal issues in place

•Help you to begin to feel an increased sense of lightness and a developing sense of freedom within

In this way, Transformational Healing helps us to begin to establish more and more freedom around our inner obstacles and self perceived limitations so that we are no longer held back or captivated by them.  We begin to experience more ‘space’ around and within our emotional positions and attitudes towards life.  As we continue to engage with this work, we come to experience these places truly losing their power over us until eventually, they disappear completely.  As this happens we notice that when life situations arise that would have previously really affected us, we remain instead, calm and centred.

In this new space, it then becomes possible for us to make new decisions, to forge new paths, and to enjoy the peace and stillness of these newfound places of freedom.  From this process of emotional and mental transformation, we then have the opportunity to take a fresh course and to move and live from a place within us that is more closely aligned with the truth and beauty of our being.  In this way, receiving healing can help to open up our lives in truly wondrous and magical ways, so much so that we can begin to truly flower.

Receive Support for Physical Ailments and Health Concerns

From the point of view of energy healing, many health issues and states of dis-ease can have their roots in our emotional, psychological and energetic patterning and the corresponding creation of inner blockage, imbalance and disharmony.  Clearing this patterning and bringing the system back into balance can be, in addition to receiving conventionally recognised medical treatment, a great way for you to more fully support yourself and your process of healing.

Physical health conditions affect us all at some point.  People that sign up for our Energy Healing Programmes, and our Bespoke Healing Packages, can have potentially debilitating conditions that include:


•Chronic Fatigue

•Multiple Sclerosis

•Low energy and physical exhaustion

•Headaches and migraines

•Candida and other persistent infections


•Digestive problems

•Unexplainable pain and tension

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