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Energy Healing Programmes

All of these Healing Programmes are designed to help strengthen, support and rejuvenate the body.  They seek to achieve this through working on the underlying ‘energetics’ of the body’s energy system - its energy pathways, chakras, physical interfaces and so on.  

Clearing, strengthening and harmonising these energetics helps to provide a more deeply resourced foundation for the body.  Creating a stronger and more resilient foundation in this way can profoundly help to support one’s health, one’s well-being and ultimately, one’s life. 

The easiest analogy to draw here would probably be that of looking after a car.  Like our bodies and energy systems, cars need regular maintenance and servicing.  In order for a car to run smoothly and optimally, its engine needs to be in tune, its pipes need to be clear of rust or other debris and amongst other things, there can’t be any loose or frail connections.  When this is the case, driving is a pleasure, and going from A to B is smooth and relatively effortless - we encounter no problems and the car becomes reliable.  And yet, for many of us, we look after our vehicles more than we do our bodies.  Imagine going 20/30/40 years without taking your car into the mechanics… all sorts of problems would eventually start to arise.

The body and energy system is the same - without the right support, the energy system can start to struggle under the weight of our lives.  With the right support, the engine of our body can run smoothly and without problems.  It can support us in our day-to-day lives, and help us feel abundantly resourced and softly nourished no matter what life throws at us.  Choosing to receive one or more of these Healing Programmes is a great way to support your system in this way.  Each one helps to clear and rebalance a key area of your energy system, and by doing so brings a deeper level of resource into the system as a whole.

There are 9 programmes available, with each one working to support a different aspect of the body and energy system.  To find out more about these programmes and to see how they could help you, click here

Please note, all Energy Healing Packages (except our Kundalini Programme) can be received either in-person, or remotely.  Distance is no obstacle for this kind of energetic healing work.

Bespoke Healing Packages

In many cases what is available through our Energy Healing Programmes is sufficient for most people’s day-to-day needs.  For those looking to take this process even deeper, or for those looking for more specialist support, we also offer uniquely formulated bespoke programmes.  These are recommended for those in need of more comprehensive support, as here we are more able to go deeper into any specific areas of the system that may be in need of extra attention.  Here, we also have more potential time to go deeper into working with any upsetting or otherwise challenging emotional or psychological patterns.   Clearing these patterns can have a profound impact on our experience of life.

If you would like to sign up for a Bespoke Healing Package, or if you have any questions about how this could help you, please contact us directly by clicking here.

Please note, all Bespoke Healing Packages can be received either in-person, or remotely.  Distance is no obstacle for this kind of energetic healing work.

Stand-Alone One-to-One Sessions

Individual one-to-one sessions can be a great way to explore the benefits of healing work without necessarily needing to sign up for a more committed programme - they can be a great space to explore the transformational potentiality of this kind of healing work to see if its right for you.

Although covered in the scope of the Bespoke Healing Packages, these individual one-to-one sessions can also be used to work on other aspects not necessarily covered in our Energy Healing Programmes.  The open nature of these sessions means that they can also be used to focus in on our emotional and mental experience of life.  As mentioned above, clearing the energetic foundation of our psychological patterns can have a profound impact on our experience of life.

To find out more about what to expect from a one-to-one session, click here.

To book in a session, or to discuss what could be the best option for you, please get in touch by clicking here.

House and Space Clearing

In any space, whether that’s where we live, where we work or somewhere else, the energetic imprints of the past events that have transpired there build up over time.  The often-times unconscious felt sense of this build-up contributes significantly to our experience of being in a space - whether we are aware of it or not. 

Clearing these imprints can dramatically change the way we feel when we are in a given place, as it clears the background influence this leftover residue has on us.  Creating a clear and energetically open space in this way can help us feel more relaxed and at peace with ourselves, enabling us to live our lives with greater ease and freedom. 

To learn more about how energetically clearing your house or living space can benefit you, and those you live with click here.

Group Healing Workshops

Group Healings are a lovely way to receive the benefits of energy healing in your life.  

For a list of recent and upcoming group helaings please click here.

To find out more about any of these options and what could be best for you - simply get in touch


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