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Bespoke Healing Packages

A General Outline

Our Energy Healing Programmes offer a profound and powerful approach to opening and strengthening the system, and in so doing they provide a level of support that is sufficient for most people’s day-to-day needs.  However, for those looking to take this process even deeper, or for those looking for more specialised support, we also offer uniquely formulated Bespoke Healing Packages.

The bespoke nature of these healing packages allow for a more individual and comprehensive level of support, as here we are more able to go deeper into any specific areas of your system that may be in need of extra attention.  We also have more potential time to more deeply clear any emotional or psychological patterns that could be significantly impacting your day-to-day well-being or the overall energetic integrity of your system.

What to expect

All of our Bespoke Healing Packages have two key areas of focus.  The degree to which each area will be prioritised, as well as the make-up of each aspect, will always be dependent on the the needs of the individual that the package has been designed for.

Part 1: Strengthening the Energy System

With any serious approach aiming to improve one’s health and well-being, special consideration should always be given to improving the energetic health and functioning of the body and the energy system.  If you sign up for a Bespoke Healing Package, we will formulate a tailor-made plan based on your unique needs, that will systematically clear, energise, harmonise and balance all the relevant ares of your energy system that are in need of support.

As mentioned in the Energy Healing Programmes section (copied in below), this kind of energetic work can be very beneficial for one’s long-term well being.  Its focus is to help strengthen, support and rejuvenate the body through working on the underlying ‘energetics’ of the body’s energy system – its energy pathways, chakras, physical interfaces and so on.

Clearing, strengthening and harmonising these energetics helps to provide a more deeply resourced foundation for the body.  Creating a stronger and more resilient foundation in this way can profoundly help to support one’s health, one’s well-being and ultimately, one’s life.  It is also the preparation for any deeper clearing work as it helps to open the system – having a more fluid system makes it easier to more easily process and integrate very deep levels of release.

The easiest analogy to draw here would probably be that of looking after a car.  Like our bodies and energy systems, cars need regular maintenance and servicing.  In order for a car to run smoothly and optimally, its engine needs to be in tune, its pipes need to be clear of rust or other debris and amongst other things, there can’t be any loose or frail connections.  When this is the case, driving is a pleasure, and going from A to B is smooth and relatively effortless – we encounter no problems and the car becomes reliable.  And yet, for many of us, we look after our vehicles more than we do our bodies.  Imagine going 20/30/40 years without taking your car into the mechanics… all sorts of problems would eventually start to arise.

The body and energy system is the same – without the right support, the energy system can start to struggle under the weight of our lives.  With the right support, the engine of our body can run smoothly and without problems.  It can support us in our day-to-day lives, and help us feel abundantly resourced and softly nourished no matter what life throws at us.

In this aspect of our Bespoke Healing Packages we aim to provide this very support.  Here, we formulate a detailed plan of everything we could do to help the long-term health and functioning of your energy system, so that it can support you as fully as possible in your life.  And as a wonderful consequence of this process and the profound shift it can create, your system will be in a much better place to be able to process the deeper levels of release that we facilitate in the second aspect of our healing packages.

Part 2: Clearing the mental/emotional/psychological patterning in the system that impacts the system the most – getting to the root of the problem

From our point of view, unhealthy mental/emotional/psychological patterning is the root cause of blockage and disfunction in the energy system.  This is because this patterning plays a significant role in our experience of life.  It can not only be the source of stress in our lives, but it can also exacerbate our experience of distressing situations.  In so doing, it play a very significant role in creating imbalances and blockages within the system.  Through colouring our experience of reality, this patterning influences where we remain open and where we shut down.  Over time these ‘choices’ show up in our energy system.  With enough time, this process can create significant internal blockages and imbalances in our energy.   Addressing these patterns therefore, is a very powerful way of addressing the deeper root-level imbalances within the system.

Our emotional and psychological patterns are rooted in and supported by areas of conditioned mental and emotional consciousness within us.  These areas are, amongst other things, full of old memories, childhood imprints and trauma.  The inner reality of these areas of our consciousness can significantly inform our experience of life – they are like old narratives full of emotional energy that can pour into our experience of life in any moment.  When such patterns and outpourings become common place in our lives, the energetic and emotional weight of these areas can lead to the creation of blockage and shut-down in the system.  From this point of view, they could be considered one of the main causes of most types of disfunction in the system.

Clearing these patterns out is like releasing strongly embedded patterns of shut down and tension from deep within the body.  As these patterns are cleared, our systems can open up to new levels of openness and fluidity.  This can have an incredibly profound impact not only on our bodies and energy systems, but also on our day-to-day experience of life.  We experience more freedom and peace in places that were previously full of pain or suffering.  Aspects of life that we struggled with before, now seem more approachable and easier to navigate.  Life gets a little easier… and our systems benefit form the increased openness and lightness.

In our Bespoke Healing Packages we are able to comprehensively address this aspect of the healing journey.  The patterns that we focus on clearing will, of course, be person-specific as every body has their own unique make-up. But the general approach here is the same.  In the first part (above), we work from the top down, working on remedying the manifested blockages and disharmony in the system and bodymind.  In this second aspect of the our strategy we work on the issue from the bottom up. Through clearing the patterns that impact the system the most, we address the deeper root-level imbalances within the system.  This dual-pronged strategy allows for a very thorough approach.

Please note, all Bespoke Healing Packages can be received either in-person, or remotely.  Distance is no obstacle for this kind of energetic healing work.

If you have any questions about how a tailor-made programme like this could help you, simply get in touch

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