Personally Tailored Healing Packages

A General Outline

The Energy Healing Programmes offer a profound and powerful approach to opening and strengthening the system, and in so doing they provide a level of support that is sufficient for most people’s day-to-day needs.  However, for those looking to take this process even deeper, or for those looking for more specialised support, I also offer personally tailored Healing Packages.

The bespoke nature of these healing packages not only allows us to go more deeply into any specific areas of your system that may be in need of extra attention, but also gives us the time and space to work with any mental or emotional patterns that you are looking for support with.

All personally tailored Healing Packages will generally have two key areas of focus.  The degree to which each area will be prioritised will always be informed by what you would most like to focus on, as well as the unique needs of your personal energy system.

Part 1: Strengthening the Energy System

With any serious approach aiming to improve one’s health and well-being, special consideration should always be given to improving the energetic health and functioning of the body and the energy system.  If you sign up for a personally tailored Healing Package, I will formulate a tailor-made plan based on your unique needs, that will systematically clear, energise, harmonise and balance all the relevant ares of your energy system that are in need of support.

As mentioned in the Energy Healing Programmes section, this kind of energetic work can be very beneficial for one’s long-term well being.  Its focus is to help strengthen, support and rejuvenate the body through working on the underlying ‘energetics’ of the body’s energy system – its energy pathways, chakras, physical interfaces and so on.

Clearing, strengthening and harmonising these energetics helps to provide a more deeply resourced foundation for the body.  Creating a stronger and more resilient foundation in this way can profoundly help to support one’s health, one’s well-being and ultimately one’s life.  It is also the preparation for the deeper release work we will do in Part 2 as it helps to significantly open the energy system – having a more fluid system makes it easier to process and integrate the deep levels of release often involved when working with and transforming our mental and emotional patterns.

Part 2: Creating Inner Freedom – Transforming our Psychological Landscape

Our psychological patterns are largely rooted in, and supported by, areas of conditioned mental and emotional consciousness within us.  These areas are generally full of old memories, childhood imprints, ancestral trauma and more.  This inner reality can significantly inform our experience of life – they are like old narratives full of emotional energy that can pour into our experience of life in any moment.  This inner patterning and imprinting can be cleared and powerfully transformed with energy healing.  

As this patterning and the patterns they hold in place are cleared our systems open up to new levels of openness and fluidity.  Working in this way can feel like releasing strongly embedded places of shut down and tension from deep within the body.  This can have an incredibly profound impact not only on our bodies and energy systems, but also on our day-to-day experience of life.  We experience more freedom and peace in places that were previously full of pain, stress or suffering.  Aspects of life that we struggled with before, now seem more approachable and easier to navigate.  Life gets a little easier… and our systems benefit form the increased openness and lightness.

This level of the Healing Packages aim to address this aspect of one’s healing journey.  The patterns that we focus on clearing will, of course, be person-specific as every body has their own unique make-up. 

Please note, all Bespoke Healing Packages can be received either in-person, or remotely.  Distance is no obstacle for this kind of energetic healing work.

If you have any questions about how a tailor-made programme like this could help you, simply get in touch

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